Friday, January 31, 2020

Political science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 12

Political science - Essay Example This paper assesses the success and shortcomings of the Oslo process from the Israeli point of view. This will help to learn lessons, which can be adopted in future political processes between Israeli and Palestine. In order to assess the success and shortcomings of the Oslo process from the Israeli point of view, it is important to consider the national goals of Israel. According to Brom (92), the national goal of Israel is to have full Israel sovereignty over all parts of the historical land of Israel. Basing on this, it can be argued that the Oslo process failed, since it contradicted the main national goal of the Israelis. This process then, according to Israelis, was flawed. It was quite clear that in order for the Oslo process to ensure an agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians, the territory of the historical land of Israelis had to be divided between the Palestinians and Israelis. In addition, the national vision of Israelis to ensure the existence of Israel as a democratic nation state of the Jewish people. Therefore, Israel expected that any political process with Palestinians would be based on their principle of two states for two peoples (Brom 93). However, this vision is considered unrealistic, and today, Israel is far away from achieving this vision. Nonetheless, the Oslo process failed in ending the status quo. Today, Israel is still pushing towards the achievement of a bi-national state, as it still retains the West Bank, and continues to expand its settlement enterprise. The Oslo process did not ensure the security of Israel. During the process, Israel had to take security risks. For instance, when Palestinian labourers were allowed to work Israel, this was a security risk to Israel (Brom 95). It is also believed that the Oslo process encouraged the Palestinians to embrace violence and resist the occupation of Israeli through armed protests. Therefore, the Oslo process gave the

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